Virtual / Mixed Reality (VR/MR)

IATEC Plant Solutions now offers a wide range of new services using VR / MR (Virtual / Mixed Reality), such as:

  • Immersive Design Review;

  • Immersive Project Showcase;

  • Creation of Collaborative Design Environments using VR/AR;

  • Safety, Evacuation and Rescue Training;

  • Commissioning / Operational Training;

  • Advanced Operational Simulations;

  • Construction x Design Follow-up (+APS/CRP).

VR Rooms:

IATEC Plant Solutions also offers two permanent VR Rooms located at MIAMI (USA) and SÃO PAULO (BRL) offices, equipped with all necessary infrastructure for VR meetings/trainings for up to 6 people, including:

  • HTC VIVE headset;

  • VRStation (2x NVIDIA GTX1080  SLI);

  • 55" 4K LED Monitor (for simultaneous VR projection)

  • High-Speed Internet/Wi-Fi

  • Large-Format Printer (A3)

  • Full-time Meeting/Training Support

  • Amenities (i.e.: coffee, water, soft-drinks, appetizers, etc.)

  • Building Access and Parking 24/7.


Temporary VR Rooms with larger capacity can also be set at client´s locations under request.


IATEC Plant Solutions is a long time partner of MICROSOFT and one of the first HOLOLENS developers. Now we can share our extensive experience in MIXED REALITY to help clients develop their own holographic applications and transform how they work with 3D data unlocking incredible new opportunities for business and productivity.