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ROKID Ind., based in Hangzhou since 2014, stands out in the research and development of Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence products.

Guided by the mission to "leave no one behind", the company provides an exceptional user experience, high-quality products and robust solutions for both the corporate market and developing communities.

Marca da Empresa Iatec Plant Solutions. Marca da Empresa Iatec Plant Solutions.
Logo brand ROKID

IATEC Plant Solutions can share its extensive experience in Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence to assist its clients in selecting, purchasing, and maintaining the full range of ROKID products.


The X-CRAFT combines cutting-edge technology with robustness. Equipped with a 5G module, it provides workers with access to IoT data, digital workflows, and other crucial real-time information.


The X-CRAFT also holds ATEX and IECEx certifications for Zone 1/2 and Zone 21/22, along with an IP66 rating, allowing it to be used in high-risk environments such as oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and public utilities.

Logo Iatec Plant Solutions. Brand Iatec Plant Solutions.
Capacete branco com óculos de realidade virtual. White helmet with virtual reality glasses.
Equipamento d e realidade virtual X-CRAFT ROKID. X-CRAFT virtual reality equipment. AR e VR
Logo brand ROKID


  • Explosion-proof: ATEX Zone 1 certified;

  • World’s First 5G AR Device: equipped with a 5G module, the AR headband facilitates the rapid deployment of the Industrial IoT;

  • Multiple Language Interaction: supports multi-language automatic speech recognition and can accommodate industrial noise exposure of 90 dB;

  • Waterproof, Dust-proof, and Shockproof: intrinsically safe and designed for high-risk oil and gas, natural gas, chemical, electric power, construction, and rail transport industries;

  • Industry Standard Encryption: guarantees secure communication and the prevention of information leaks;

  • SOS and Knob Interaction: features a one-button alarm and another SOS button that can be independently set and customized.

Logo Iatec Plant Solutions. Brand Iatec Plant Solutions.
Logo brand ROKID. Colors White and Blue. Cores Azul e fundo branco.


  • Chip: Amlogic A311D;

  • System: Yoda OS-XR (Self-developed AR operating system, customized based on Android);

  • Memory storage: 128G Storage - 4G Memory;

  • Display:

    • World's leading binocular optical waveguide display technology;

    • 40° FOV;

    • 400:1 contrast ratio;

    • Maximum brightness 1600 nits.

  • Internet connection:

    • Support 5G module;

    • WIFI 6 ultra-high rate information transmission;

    • BT 5.0.

  • Long battery life: 7200mAh;

  • Camera:

    • HD dual camera;

    • Main and sub cameras with 8M pixels;

    • Support auto focus and 1080P video.

  • Sensor:

    • Enhanced 9-axis IMU;

    • Light sensor;

    • Promixity sensor.

  • Ingress protection: IP67;

  • Scalability: support type-C interface, designed with side slight rails that can attach infrared modules and other peripheral devices to expand its functionality;

  • Battery: Li-Ion 5200 mAh, 7.2 V, 37.44 Wh;

  • ATEX: TPS 22 ATEX 113979 0001 X (Certificate Number: TPS 22 ATEX 113979 0001 X Rev. 01);

  • IECEx: IECEx TPS 22.0007X;

  • EX Marking:

    • II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb;

    • II 2D Ex ib IIIB T130°C;

    • Db. Tamb: -20° to +50°C.

  • Protection level: ATEX zone 1/2 and zone 21/22.


  • Oil & Gas;

  • Energy;

  • Heavy Machinery;

  • Events & Exhibitions;

  • Aviation;

  • Biotech;

  • Healthcare;

  • Retail;

  • Logistics;

  • Warehouse.

Pessoa usando o óculos de realidade aumentada X-CRAFT Módulo 5G IP66. Person using X-CRAFT augmented reality glasses. AR e VR
Logo Iatec Plant Solutions. Brand Iatec Plant Solutions.
Logo brand ROKID. Colors White and Blue. Cores Azul e fundo branco.

*SELF-SERVICE store is for BRAZIL clients only. US clients must contact us through for pricing and delivery conditions.

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