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​Aerial Photogrammetric Survey - APS

Aerial Photogrammetric Survey (APS) consists of using drones to collect telemetry data, images and data from large, risky or hardly accessible industrial facilities.

Aerial Photogrammetry
Software Fotogrametria Aérea

All this data is collected with high level of precision by drone instruments and then are treated by powerful softwares which transform this data into high resolution 3D photogrammetric models.


Fotogrametria Aérea


Software Fotogrametria Aérea


Software Aerial Photogrammetry

3D photogrammetric models and ortomosaics not only unveil a much richer universe of constructive details compared to traditional 3D CAD/CAE models but also render their update much easier when necessary.

Software Fotogrametria Aérea
Software Fotogrametria Aérea


- APS is faster;

- APS is cheaper;

- APS drastically reduces field survey schedule.

- APS focus in large objects and key references;

- APS collect information from priviliged / unacessible angles;

- APS eliminates personnel exposition to industrial risks / hazardous environments;

- APS brings absolute realism (TrueColor, TrueDimension, UTM coordinates)


Below follows a comparison between APS and other traditional field survey/inspection methods available:

Software Fotogrametria Aérea

If you want more information, please follow this link to the PETROBRAS-APS CASE or write to

We will be pleased to talk more about APS and other IATEC plant solutions with you.

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