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vGIS high-accuracy Augmented Reality software for BIM, GIS, HoloLens 2 and 3D Scans.

Simplify fieldwork, reduce errors and delays, gain new efficiencies, and improve safety by using a high-accuracy AR solution from vGIS.

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IATEC Plant Solutions can now share its vast experience in high-precision augmented reality to help its customers select, customize, purchase and maintain the full range of vGIS products.

vGIS Platform

vGIS is a visualization platform that transforms traditional BIM, GIS, Reality Capture and other types of spatial data into stunning augmented reality visuals. vGIS aggregates data from multiple sources, including Autodesk models, Bentley BIM designs and Esri ArcGIS, to display it in a unified augmented reality view.

vGIS is hardware-agnostic. It can run on any suitable device, including Android and iOS phones, tablets, and Microsoft HoloLens, which allows you to select the optimal tools for the job.

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vGIS was designed to give users the best of both worlds: survey-grade accuracy and the ability to use the system on consumer devices without any additional hardware. The system comes with multiple calibration methods that allow indoor and outdoor positioning.

Technical Details


vGIS supports over 450 devices across multiple operating systems. We continuously expand device support in order to add suitable hardware to the list. vGIS can work with custom and proprietary devices with minimal customization:

  • Android phones;

  • Android tablets;

  • iPhones;

  • iPads;

  • HoloLens and HoloLens 2.


  • Survey-grade GNSS/RTK;

  • Pro consumer-grade GNSS/RTK;

  • High-accuracy GNSS-less calibration;

  • Manual placement;

  • Image and surface recognition;

  • QR Codes*;

  • Beacons*;

  • Pre-scanned environments*.

Available for custom projects.



  • Horizontal: 1 cm + 1 ppm RMS;

  • Vertical: 2 cm + 1 ppm RMS;

  • Directional: +/- 0.1°.


  • Horizontal: sub-15 cm;

  • Vertical: N/A;

  • Directional: +/- 0.1°.

*Best-case scenario.


vGIS is designed to aggregate data from multiple sources and formats. The system can display 3D models as accurate to-scale holograms and it can convert traditional 2D GIS data into BIM-quality 3D visuals:

  • Autodesk Build (formerly BIM 360);

  • Bentley iTwin (vector and 3D data);

  • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise (Feature Services, Map Services, Scene Services, Building Scene Services);

  • Esri ArcGIS Online (Feature Services, Map Services, Scene Services, Building Scene Services);

  • GeoJSON;

  • KML (vector and 3D data);


  • .DAE (Collada);

  • .DGN*;

  • .DWG and .DXF;

  • .IFC;

  • .OBJ;

  • .RVT (Revit)*;

  • .SKP (SketchUp)*;

  • Esri Maps;

  • Bing Maps;

  • Google Maps*;

  • OpenStreetMap.


* Contact us for more information.


  • On-demand;

  • Automated persistent;

  • Real-time 3D models;

  • Real-time 2D GIS data with real-time 3D conversion.


  • Microsoft Azure cloud;

  • Private Microsoft Azure tenant;

  • Specialized Microsoft Azure instances;

  • Federal Microsoft Azure cloud.

* Requires custom implementation project.


  • Public URL;

  • Password-protected data sources;

  • Token-protected data sources;

  • Active directory authentication;

  • Custom.


  • Cellular;

  • Wi-Fi.


  • Real-time conversion from 2D GIS data to 3D visuals;

  • User-defined color-coding, 3D symbology and conversion rules;

  • ArcGIS symbology.


  • Geo-referenced photo/audio reports;

  • Geo-referenced video reports;

  • Real-time geo-tracking;

  • 3D spatial tagging;

  • Remote assistance.


  • Distance;

  • Areas;

  • Object to object;

  • Ground point to AR objects;

  • Multiple ground points and AR objects.


  • Attribute editing;

  • Object position adjustments;

  • Point data collection;

  • Line and area data collection.


  • Environmental understanding engine;

  • Auto-sizing and auto-scaling;

  • Surface scanning.


High-accuracy AR for Utilities and SUE:

  • vGIS AR transforms traditional BIM and CAD designs and GIS data into real-time augmented reality displays that are overlaid on your view of a physical job site with centimeter-level accuracy;

  • vGIS aggregates and harmonizes geospatial data from available sources to reduce or eliminate the manual effort that would otherwise be required to prepare digital-twin data. vGIS does it for you automatically.

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Engineering-grade AR for AEC:

  • Display CAD, BIM, GIS, and 3D scan data as augmented reality overlays with centimeter-level accuracy to validate as-built. Document problems and work in progress with built-in data collection, 3D scanning, and other productivity tools;

  • vGIS accepts traditional BIM and GIS files (IFC, DWG, DXF, and many others) or pulls data dynamically from Autodesk Build (BIM 360), Bentley iTwin, Esri ArcGIS, and other repositories to create accurate Augmented Reality (AR) views of surrounding infrastructure on the project site.

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BIM, GIS, and 3D scans with MS HoloLens:

  • vGIS uses the Microsoft HoloLens to visualize BIM, GIS, and 3D scan data as holograms to create a natural extension of the real world;

  • The technology enables automatic, real-time outdoor positioning that is accurate to within a centimeter and +/- 0.05°, projecting 3D holograms exactly where they should be. vGIS features real-time drift detection that corrects any positioning or directional inaccuracies automatically;

  • The technology can be applied much more widely than in the use cases that are currently being targeted with the vGIS system, and vGIS licenses positional technology to other companies.

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Create and display 3D scans with AR:

  • vGIS adds a new dimension to your 3D scans and point-cloud data by displaying it in augmented reality with centimeter-level accuracy;

  • Being able to see various stages of work in progress or excavations exactly as they were long after the work has been completed gives you new opportunities to audit job quality, reduce excavation and maintenance costs, and react more quickly during emergencies.

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Instant confidence in your GIS data:

  • Use survey-grade AR data-collection tools to reduce the time and cost required to collect data. Receive instant visual feedback to identify inaccuracies in that data;

  • The centimeter-level accuracy of vGIS enables you to visually identify any problems with your GIS data and correct your records if necessary. Enjoy all the benefits of traditional survey-grade GIS data collection combined with the AR-powered ability to validate your data visually;

  • Validate the integrity of your GIS data by overlaying it on the real world as holograms;

  • Traditional methods of collecting data may encourage a mistaken degree of confidence in data that is insufficiently accurate. Augmented reality leaves nothing to the imagination. Any vertical and horizontal misalignments prominently appear in augmented reality, practically demanding to be corrected.

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Augmented reality productivity tools:

  • vGIS constantly updates the toolkit to improve existing tools and create new ones in response to your feedback. Share your ideas with us, and they can become a reality with minimal cost and effort;

  • Record videos, take photos, and add voice and text notes to create georeferenced reports that are digitally linked to objects requiring attention. Tag objects with augmented reality tags so that others can quickly locate notes anywhere on the job site;

  • Display data generated by various sensors, including ground-penetrating radar;

  • Collect GIS information, measure areas and distances, generate site sketches, and perform 3D scans directly from vGIS AR.

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