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PIX4D - PIX4D mapper

PIX4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding software company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.


The PIX4D develops a line of end-to-end mapping solutions that convert images into georeferenced maps and models.


PIX4Dmapper a unique photogrammetry software suite for mobile and drone mapping. Using advanced algorithms based on computer vision and photogrammetry, PIX4D offers survey-grade accuracy, as well as a unique bundle of desktop and cloud processing.


IATEC Plant Solutions can now share its extensive experience in reality capture and photogrammetry to help customers select, customize, purchase and maintain the full range of PIX4D software.


PIX4Dmapper is a standalone software that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data to be used in GIS applications, cultural heritage documentation and visual effects production, as well as for indirect measurements of objects of various scales.


The digital photogrammetry technique wisely implemented with computer vision methods results in an intelligent automated processing system that, on the one hand, can be managed by a newcomer in the field of photogrammetry, but, on the other hand, has a lot to offer a expert who can fine-tune the workflow for various specific tasks and different types of data. Over the course of several case studies, the PIX4Dmapper proves to produce quality and accurate results.

PIX4D - PIX4D mapper

Technical characteristics

Photogrammetric triangulation


  • Processing of various types of images: aerial (nadir, oblique) and short-range;

  • Automatic calibration: frame (incl. fisheye), spherical and cylindrical cameras;

  • Support for multiple camera types.

Dense point cloud: editing and sorting


  • Elaborate model editing for accurate results;

  • Point classification to customize geometry reconstruction;

  • LAS export to benefit from the classic point data processing workflow.

Elevation digital model: DSM/DTM export


  • Digital Surface and/or Digital Terrain Model - depending on the project;

  • Georeferencing based on EXIF metadata / flight log: GPS / GCPs data;

  • Support EPSG record coordinate systems: WGS84, UTM, etc.

Georeferenced orthomosaic export


  • Orthomosa georeferenced: GeoTIFF format more compatible with GIS; .KM file to be located in Google Earth;

  • Export in blocks for large projects;

  • Color correction for homogeneous texture.

Measurements: distances, areas, volumes


  • Built-in tools to measure distances, areas and volumes;

  • To perform more sophisticated metric analyses, Metashape products can be easily transferred to external tools thanks to a variety of export formats.

Ground control points: high precision survey


  • GCPs are imported to control the accuracy of results.

  • Automatic detection of encoded/uncoded targets for fast entry of GCPs.​

  • Scale bar tool to set the reference distance without implementing positioning equipment.

Python Scripts: Customize the Processing Workflow


  • In addition to batch processing - a way to save on human intervention, the Python script suggests customization options;

  • a parameter model for several similar data sets; intermediate inspection of processing results; etc.

Multispectral image processing


  • RGB / NIR / thermal / multispectral image processing;

  • Fast reconstruction based on preferred channel;

  • Multichannel orthomosaic generation for calculation and export of embedded vegetation indices (NDVI).

3D model: generation and texturing


  • Various scenes: archaeological sites, artifacts, buildings, interiors, people, etc.;

  • Directly upload Sketchfab resource and export to many popular formats;

  • Photorealistic textures: HDR and multifile support.

4D modeling: for dynamic scenes


  • Multi-camera station data processing for creative projects in graphic art cinema, game industry, etc.

  • Base for numerous visual effects with 3D models reconstructed in time sequence.

Panorama Stitching


  • 3D reconstruction for data captured from the same camera position - camera station, as long as at least two camera stations are present;

  • 360° panoramic stitching for data from a camera station.

Distributed Processing


  • Distributed calculations over a computer network to use the combined power of multiple nodes to process huge datasets in a project.

PIX4D - PIX4D mapper
PIX4D - PIX4D mapper
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