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​- Optimal systems selection;

​- Man-hour / software / hardware cost estimates;

​- Technical and personnel requisitions for ITBs;

​- Technical and commercial evaluation of bidders;


​- Layout / MTO analysis and optimization using 3D models: ​

  • ​ASD Optiplan;

  • ASD PDMS PipeRouter;

  • INTERGRAPH SmartPlant Layout (SP-Layout);

​- Technical specifications for 3D and 2D projects;

​- Supervision and auditing for 3D and 2D projects;

​- Progress control for 3D and 2D projects;

​- Organization and support for design review meetings (30%, 60%, 90%);

Operation / Maintenance:

​- Hand-over and as-built of 3D and 2D design databases;

​- Hosting, management and maintenance of 3D and 2D design databases;

​- Owner / operators tailored training for 3D and 2D software usage;

​- Videos and simulations for operation and maintenance training. (i.e: routine maneuvers, start-up, shut-down e emergence);

​- 24 x 7 support in the use of 3D and 2D design databases;

​- Scope drawings (2D) and scope models (3D);

​- Tailored 3D review sessions for third-party studies;

​- Design and auditing of change management systems;

Document / Information Management Systems:

​- Electronic document management systems (EDMS) specifications and implementation:

  • ​INTERGRAPH SmartPlant Fusion (SPFusion);

  • INTERGRAPH SmartPlant Foundation (SPF);

  • ​BENTLEY ProjectWise (PW);

- Project information management (PIM) specifications and implementation:

  • ​INTERGRAPH SmartPlant Owner / Operator (SPO);



​- Creation of intelligent 3D models from existing plants (as-built);

​- Creation of intelligent P&IDs, instrument diagrams and electrical diagrams from paper/CAD documentation or proprietary databases.

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