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FLYBOTIX is a young and dynamic startup, founded in Switzerland in 2019. Manufacturer of professional inspection drones that operate within industrial assets.

ASIO – The complete in-house inspection drones solution from FLYBOTIX, designed to streamline your inspection missions.

FLYBOTIX has developed a unique technology that extends the flight time of compact drones.

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IATEC Plant Solutions can share its vast experience in the application of UAVs through fast, efficient and safe inspections of industrial assets, in partnership with FLYBOTIX and its ASIO drone.



Flight time: up to 24 minutes

Weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs)

Dimensions: Ø395mm, H295mm (Ø15.6in, H11.6in)

Max transmission distance: outdoor: up to 16km (direct line of sight); indoor: tested from basement to 2nd floorLED

lighting: max 10K lumen, dimmable and adjustable

Noise: level80dB @ 1m; 70dB @ 5mRGB

Camera: true 4K @ 30 fpsIR

Camera: 160x120px @ 9fps

Pictures resolution: 0.2mm/px @ 30cm

Gimbal system: ±90° (damped)

Advanced algorithms: Autopilot; Wall-lock; Wall-scan; Obstacle repulsion; Safety slowdown; Rewind; Self-righting; Auto-landing

Operating temperature range: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 86°F)


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1. Collision-proof protective cage

– Handles collisions up to 3.5m/s in all directions;

– Made of advanced materials and lightweight;

– Easy to replace, making your back in flight in just a few minutes.

2. Patented propulsion system

– Best performances with up to 24 minutes flight time;

– Generates less than 80dB @ 1m, removing the need of ear protections;

– Only drone to be able to land safely in case a propeller is lost.

3. Powerful camera system

– High-definition 4K sensor by Sony, to see as if you were there;

– Infrared camera, to highlight invisible defects;

– ±90° gimbal, to observe from floor to ceiling without obstruction;

– 10k lumen lighting, to make the darkest places as clear as day.

4. Advanced sensors and algorithms

– Flight control sensors and algorithms making ASIO easy to fly;

– Wall-lock and wall-scan algorithms, smoothing and automating your inspections;

– Safety algorithms, making ASIO less likely to collide with its environment and able to overcome difficult situations.


Discover how ASIO can help you solve your inspection challenges:

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas assets are complex, dangerous and extremely costly when stopped. Discover how ASIO can help you shorten your production interruption while ensuring the safety of your inspectors.

  • Storage tanks: accelerate the inspection of your storage tanks and reduces the need for scaffolding;

  • Refineries: reduce your refineries downtime by using ASIO to inspect the most inaccessible places;

  • Smokestacks: easily inspect inside your factory's smokestacks with your workers staying safely on the ground;

  • Oil rigs: use drones to avoid risks for your workers during the inspection of offshore rigs.


Power plants are the backbone of our society and scarcity can have disastrous effects. Integrating ASIO into your inspection tools can help you reduce downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Dams: ensure the integrity of the water canals, penstocks and powerhouses by sending ASIO in these difficult-to-reach areas;

  • Wind Turbines: safely reach the top of your wind turbines and inspect inside the pillar, basement or even blades to detect cracks and prevent failures;

  • Nuclear: ASIO can simplify and accelerate the inspection of many other energy assets, like nuclear power plants or waste incinerators;

  • Power plants: inspect your smokestacks, cooling towers, storage tanks and silos using ASIO to reduce down-time and prevent shortages.


Large public infrastructures like bridges or tunnels are aging and require frequent inspections to control their condition and ensure their safety. ASIO can help your workers inspect more places while standing safely on the ground.

  • Bridges: use ASIO instead of rope access or bucket trucks to accelerate the inspection of bridge structures and deck;

  • Sewers: keep your workers on the surface and send ASIO into the sewers to inspect walls and locate fatbergs;

  • Ceilings: prevent dangerous climbing and expensive scaffolding by using ASIO to inspect high ceiling structures in stadiums or factories.

Underground mining

Mines are dangerous environments and ensuring the integrity is of prime importance. Discover how ASIO enables you to reduce your inspection costs while keeping your workers safe!

  • Tunnels: keep your workers in a safe zone while inspecting raises or dangerous-to-access underground tunnels;

  • Conveyor belts: ensure your conveyor belts efficiency by using ASIO to inspect their integrity, both inside and below;

  • Mining structures: perform your regular elevators and shafts structural inspections timely and ensure your workers safety.

Other industries

ASIO versatility makes it the perfect solution to inspect safely dangerous situations across many industries.

  • Ships: inspect storage and fuel tanks of your ships to ensure their integrity and the safety of your merchandise and crew;

  • Elevator shafts: accelerate your lift inspection times by using ASIO to detect potential defects in elevator shafts;

  • Silos: ASIO will help shorten the inspection of your large industrial silos, while keeping your workers out of the dangerous places;

  • Security: use ASIO to enter uncleared buildings and assess the situation before deploying your intervention crew;

  • Chemical industry: observe the inside of your boilers, tanks and reactors in no time and without endangering your workers.

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