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BIM HOLOVIEW is an mixed/virtual reality software for construction. An Autodesk converter and browser for HoloLens 2. Validate design concepts, structure and constructability. Avoid costly mistakes and rework.

BIM HOLOVIEW Conversor e Navegador AUTODESK para HOLOLENS 2

IATEC Plant Solutions can now share its extensive experience in mixed/virtual reality to help customers select, customize, purchase and maintain the full range of BIM HOLOVIEW products.

BIM HOLOVIEW enables Autodesk 3D Revit® and Navisworks® files to be viewed as full fidelity 3D (VR or MR) projections using the Microsoft HoloLens.

Models can be presented table-top for demos and discussions, and in full 1:1 scale for accurate remote or onsite visual verification of structural elements, services and fit-out plans.

Key features

HoloLens 2

  1. Supports large models up to 2GB through ARR;

  2. World locking provides the ability to accurately position a model to within 1/2 inch (1cm) of its actual location in the real world;

  3. Easy to use hand interactions;

  4. Issues can be raised in BIM 360.

BIM HOLOVIEW-Conversor e Navegador AUTODESK para HOLOLENS 2

BIM HOLOVIEW reduce construction costs and improve productivity.

BIM HOLOVIEW provides the most comprehensive understanding of design models possible.

This fully immersive form of visual verification empowers the AEC industry to make design and construction decisions with greater certainty, and to identify and mitigate risks before costly mistakes occur. Thereby rework, delays and cost overruns are eliminated.

Main use cases

Because the HoloLens 2 allows hands-free operation and easy movement within the physical environment, it is well suited for use onsite during and post-construction:

Architects and contractors can easily show stakeholders what their building will look like anywhere, anytime without the traditional VR setup.

Gain buy-in and achieve client sign-off quickly:

  • Stakeholders can view a building as if completed in its actual location, accurately interpreting plans and their spatial relationship to the surrounding physical environment.

Undertake design reviews and pre-build checks:

  • Superintendents and foremen have the quickest and most effective way to review building designs, mitigate constructability issues and to keep projects on budget.

Contractors onsite have full understanding of their works:

  • Contractors can quickly and easily understand their works in 3D rather than from 2D plans, and plan job sequencing with other contractors thereby reducing errors and rework.

Provide clear instructions and technical support to workers:

  • BIM/CAD models overlay real world construction environments for when works have already started. Contractors can easily see how their upcoming works are impacted by existing works.

Identify mistakes and constructability issues using Digital Twin:

  • Because model overlay is extremely accurate (to ½ inch or 1cm) engineers and contractors can confidently identify design mistakes, resolve clashes and constructability issues early.

Make project scope and design changes early:

  • The new design scope can be projected into the construction environment so that all stakeholders can assess the impact that changes would have on current and future works.

Pre-fabricators and onsite workers collaborate on specifications:

  • Verification of plans with BIM HOLOVIEW ensures both the pre-fabricators and onsite workers are working to exactly the same specifications to avoid mismatches in requirements.

Undertake compliance checks:

  • Provide accurate information in support of permits;

  • Review plans and issue corrections;

  • Remotely undertake progress walk-throughs;

  • And undertake code of compliance inspections for all elements included in the design model.

BIM HOLOVIEW-Conversor e Navegador AUTODESK para HOLOLENS 2
BIM HOLOVIEW-Conversor e Navegador AUTODESK para HOLOLENS 2

BIM HOLOVIEW was designed for on-site use, building design, construction and maintenance teams, and the product's existing features were tailored specifically for this.

With a larger file size, BIM HOLOVIEW better supports customers who need to see multiple layers of building service at once and who have BIM models that include multiple detailed mechanical components, but who still need to view their models in full geometric quality.

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