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SPH Engineering is a provider of UAV software solutions, integration services, consulting, and custom development for the drone industry.

Its innovations support UAVs of different manufacturers and advance drone technologies for surveying, data collection, and entertainment.

Founded in 2013 in Latvia (EU), the company has a global customer and partner network in 150+ countries, in a wide range of areas including environmental, archeological, engineering & mining, agricultural and biological.

The company maintains 04 business lines:

  • UgCS - mission planning and flight control software technology;

  • UgCS Integrated Systems - airborne integrated systems with sensors from diverse manufacturers;

  • Drone Show Software - a technology to manage drone swarm flights;

  • SPH Consulting & Development - knowledge-based services to implement, integrate and develop technologies for the drone industry.

IATEC Plant Solutions can now share its vast experience in the application of UAVs to help its customers select, customize, purchase and maintain the entire range of SPH Engineering products - UgCS and UgCS Integrated Systems.


The integrated drone system for bathymetry consists of a drone (UAV) integrated with ECHO-SOUNDER:

  • Airborne Bathymetric Survey;

  • 10x Faster & 2x Cost-Efficient;

  • Perfect bathymetry data of coastal and inland waters;

  • Drone equipped with ECHO-SOUNDER is the best solution especially for hard-to-reach areas, unsafe or dangerous environments.

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03-IATECPS - ECHO SOUNDER -  UAV M210 M300 M600.png


  • Deploy anywhere:

Ideal for hard to reach locations (steep coasts, mining pits, shallow waters, terrain obstacles), as well as waters of ponds, lakes, and canals. No need for a wide point of entry to the water for deployment/recovery. Locations not reachable by foot can be reached by drone;

  • Save time:

Acquire data 10 times faster compared to the traditional methods due to easy transportation and fast deployment;

  • Precise measurements:

Drone's precise positioning while following the survey routes and ability to fly at a constant speed and specified low altitudes result in high accuracy measurements.


The choice of the sensor is based on its technical capabilities and environmental conditions:

10-IATECPS - ECHO SOUNDER -  UAV M210 M300 M600 - Sensor Tabela.png


  • Mapping water depths and sediments before dredging and cleaning in shallow or seaweed ponds, lakes, rivers, and canals;

  • River and lake bottom profiling for scientific investigations and environmental monitoring;

  • Flood inundation mapping;

  • Underwater inspections for engineering works (bridge or pipeline crossings);

  • Mapping the sediments of oxidation and tailing ponds;

  • Sludge volume measurements at waste stabilization ponds.

06-IATECPS - ECHO SOUNDER -  UAV M210 M300 M600 - Aplicações ECHO-SOUNDER.png
07-IATECPS - ECHO SOUNDER -  UAV M210 M300 M600Como funciona ECHO-SOUNDER.png


09-IATECPS - ECHO SOUNDER -  UAV M210 M300 M600 - Compatível com Drones.png


GPR (Ground Penetrationg Radar) + drone integrated system enables to see through the surface of the ground, ice, rocks, freshwater at unsafe and hazardous environments without compromising the safety of staff, providing an additional solution for more efficient surveying.


  • Time-efficient: Acquire data faster compared to traditional methods;

  • Precision: Drone's precise positioning and rangefinder systems result in high accuracy measurements;

  • Cost-efficient: UAV surveys are more cost-effective compared to manned flights;

  • Increased staff safety: The integrated system can be used at unsafe and hazardous environments without compromising the safety of staff;

  • Automated flight: Drone ensures higher accuracy in following survey lines thanks to the inbuilt GPS and automated flight mode;

  • Accessibility: Location not reachable by foot can be reached by drone.


103-IATECPS - ECHO SOUNDER -  UAV M210 M300 M600.png
01-IATECPS - GPR - UAV M210 M300 M600.jpg

Components of the system:

1. Low or high frequency GPR (pictured – Cobra SE-150, center frequency 124 MHz);
2. UgCS SkyHub onboard computer: acts as data logger for GPR and manages flight on low altitude in True Terrain-Following mode;
3. Radar altimeter: used to measure the distance to the ground surface;
4. Onboard software of UgCS SkyHub to manage the flight, log data, and deliver real-time sensor data down to the ground;
5. UgCS – Universal ground Control Software to plan and execute drone missions;
6. UgCS Custom Payload Monitor application, special add-on application for UgCS to control lowaltitude flight in True Terrain-Following mode and receive GPR data in real-time;
7. Standard drones like DJI M600 PRO recommended for small to medium scale surveys. For large-scale surveys, drones with a hybrid propulsion system will deliver better productivity;
8. The recommended software for GPR data processing is Prism 2 or UgCS GeoHammer;
9. Optional component: RTK/PPK GNSS receiver on the drone to geotag the data with cm-level precision.

Application scenarios:

• Small object search (high frequency GPR);

• Glaciology, snow/ice thickness profiling;

• Geological stratigraphy and geotechnical surveys;

• Locating underground infrastructure (pipes and cables);
• Archaeology;
• Forensics;

• Mining and quarrying.

Ground Penetrating Radar - GPR kit aims to locate underground objects, explore soil layers, for bathymetry purposes.

• SkyHub device with True Terrain Following Kit;
• Low frequency or high frequency GPR;
• Cables.

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Low Frequency GPR - Radarteam Cobra

Low frequency GPR is more appropriate for detecting large objects, soil profiling, bathymetry. It is characterized by larger penetrating depth and larger detectable object dimensions.


  • Center frequency: 80 - 124 MHz;

  • Frequency range: 20 to 140 MHz - 20 to 280 MHz;

  • Bandwidth: 120MHz - 260 MHz;

  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 139x15x21cm - 92x22x22 cm;

  • Weight: 4.9 Kg - 4.6 Kg.

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High Frequency GPR - RadSys Zond

High Frequency GPR it characterized by increased resolution allowing to detect smaller objects. Also, it is more compact and lightweight. The drawback is lower penetrating depth. High Frequency GPR is ideal for small object detection, surface layer soil profiling.


  • Center frequency: 1000 - 500 MHz;

  • Frequency range: 600 to 1300 MHz - 200 to 900 MHz;

  • Bandwidth: 700MHz - 800 MHz;

  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 41x31x18 cm - 41x31x18 cm;

  • Weight: 3.2 Kg - 3.2 Kg.

10-IATECPS - GPR - UAV M210 M300 M600.png

LASER FALCON - Methane Detector

LASER FALCON + Drone-based remote methane leak detector.

Real-time data at your fingertips.

Use remote methane detector + drone integrated system for natural gas pipeline surveys, tank inspections, landfill emission monitoring, gas well testing, and plant safety audits.

17-IATECPS - LASER FALCON Methane Detector - UAV M210 M300 M600.png


  • Efficiency: Outperforms foot search by 5x times;

  • Accuracy: Detected leaks are referenced to GPS coordinates (high fidelity RTK GPS is also supported);

  • Increased safety: Applicable at unsafe and hazardous environments without compromising the safety of staff or equipment;

  • Automation: Fully automated and repeatable surveys;

  • Precision: The FALCON LASER Methane Detector is sensitive only to methane, so no false readings of other gases are possible;

  • Reporting: Fully automated reporting.


12-IATECPS - UgCS - LASER FALCON Methane Detector - UAV M210 M300 M600.png
  • High sensitivity: Detection limits are from 1 to 50'000 ppm × m within 20 m distance;

  • Transmission range: Data transmission is enabled within 5 km distance;

  • Survey rate: Flight time up to 25 minutes covering 5x larger area than by foot;

  • Terrain following: 3D maps of UgCS allow planning flight missions in terrain-following mode. Adding UgCS SkyHub and an altimeter to the system will enable flying in True Terrain Following mode.

Application scenarios:

• Dairy industry;

• Landfill industry;

• Air quality compliance by Environmental Consulting Firms;

• Leak Detection and Repair Service Companies;
• Drone service providers;
• Oil and gas suppliers.


Is compatible with DJI M300, M210/M210 v2 or custom-built UAV based on DJI A3 flight controller, DJI M600/M600 Pro.

DJI M600 offers extended flight time and a 5-kilometer-long range of data transmission.

DJI M300, boasts better endurance, greater take-off weight, and increased safety while still being compact and portable. New carefully designed mountings for UgCS SkyHub and Falcon allow to use cameras like DJI H20 and H20T with the methane detector.


UgCS SKYHUB V.3 is an onboard computer designed to enhance the capabilities of commercial-off-the-shelf UAVs for industrial purposes and to support diverse sensor integration.

UgCS SKYHUB V.3 log geotagged data from various sensors like GPR, altimeter, magnetometer, and methane detector.

18-IATECPS - UgCS - SKYHUB V3 - UAV M210 M300 M600.png
16-IATECPS - UgCS - SKYHUB V3 - UAV M210 M300 M600.png


  • UgCS SKYHUB V.3 eliminates the need to have a separate battery or power circuit for the sensors. Every connector with communication ports has pins with +5V and +12V covering 99% of power requirements for the sensors;

  • One additional power connector is configurable and may output 9, 12, 15, 18V with 5A load maximum.

19-IATECPS - UgCS - SKYHUB V3 - UAV M210 M300 M600.png


10-IATECPS - UgCS - SKYHUB V3 - UAV M210 M300 M600.png
  • Custom payload integration with drone;

  • Advanced UAV flight control scenarios;

  • Using drones in an adverse environment.


  • Fully isolated and ESD-protected external interfaces;

  • Reliable and convenient connectors with lock, ideal for airborne applications;

  • Selectable power output (9 V / 12 V / 15 V /18 V) with switch-off function for payload connecting;

  • Drone power pass-through to external payloads;

  • 3× UART / 1x RS-232 / 1x UART/RS-232 combined / 2× USB / Ethernet / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth interfaces;

  • 4x GPIO pin pairs for general purpose input/output;

  • Protection against input power’s inverse polarity;

  • Extended operating temperature range from −25°C to +50°C.


Compatible drones:

  • DJI M210 / M210 V2;

  • DJI M600 / M600 Pro;

  • DJI M300 RTK;

  • Custom frames based on DJI A3 flight controller.

14-IATECPS - UgCS - SKYHUB V3 - UAV M210 M300 M600.png


UgCS PRO - Drone Flight Planning and Control Software by SPH Engineering.



  • LIDAR:







03-IATECPS - UgCS - UgCS PRO (Lic. Perpétuo) - UAV M200 M210 M300 M600.png

00-IATECPS - UgCS - UgCS PRO (Lic. Perpétuo) - UAV M200 M210 M300 M600.jpg
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