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PURWAY develops innovative technologies that enable air vehicles to accurately collect, analyze and visualize information on air and water pollutants, supporting decision-making by governments, organizations, research groups and individuals.

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IATEC Plant Solutions can now share its extensive experience in the application of UAVs to help clients select, customize, purchase and maintain the entire range of PURWAY products.


The Purway Prophet Air Polluition System -  Developed based on DJI Enterprise platform:

1. Turning DJI M210 into Air Pollutant Monitoring Robot;

2. Real time Monitoring air various polluting components. Such as PM2.5 PM10 PM1.0. O3 +NO2 CO SO2 VOCs CH4 HCL H2S etc.;

3. Aerial Gas sampling;

4. Automatic planning inspection task;

5. Real-time live broadcast in the control center;

6. Seamless integrate with DJI M210.

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The flammable and explosive gas detection adopts the principle of catalytic combustion. It can detect alkane gas such as hydrogen, methane and LP with 0~100% LEL level (actively filter alcoholic substances, no sensitivity), with high precision, durability and stability. Good, fast response, linear output features. The instrument has an adsorbent, which has low cross sensitivity to organic vapor, good resistance to silicon compounds, and is more suitable for harsh environments.

The basic performance parameters are as follows

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1. Automatic routing inspection;

2. Aerial waypoints planning;

3. 2D grid air pollutant distribution heat map;

4. Data output. Mission Report Generation.

Automatic routing inspection

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Aerial waypoints planning

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2D Air Pollutant Distribution Heat Map / Data Output

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15-IATECPS-PURWAY-Purway Prophet Air Pollution System.png



1. Pollution sources, pollutants investigation;

2. Emergency Rescue;

3. Sampling forensics;

4. Ecological monitoring;

5. Live broadcast.

Sample Retention

In conjunction with the installed air bag, the prophet can be used to collect illegally emitted pollutant gases in the air for retention as evidence or laboratory testing of gas components and compliance with emission standards.



Water environment sampling drones are particularly suitable for use in complex environments with dense rivers and shallow water depths. They have already played an important role in environmental protection water collection projects in many provinces and cities.

The Purway Water Sampler System is a remote automatic water sample collection instrument automatically clean the pipeline before collection, and automatically stop the pump when the water is full. The pumping method can collect 1 bottle of 0.5L water collection within one flight. The collection water volume and water depth (default 0.5m) can be customized In-depth integration with drones, transmission of instructions through DJI data link, safe and reliable.

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Product features


The collection module of this system adopts a pumping method, in which the pump is a diaphragm pump, and the pump body is submerged in water for collection. The amount of water collected by the collection module is 1 bottles of 0.5Liter water collection bottle, empty weight is 1.4 KG.


In-depth custom-developed APP software, which integrates the flight control software, image transmission display system, and acquisition system, is designed in the APP for easy operation.

The transmission link system with high integration, stability and reliability.

Flight control and acquisition control are integrated into one APP.

After clicking start collection, the actions of tube washing, collection, and collection will be completed automatically.

Using the gimbal camera that comes with the aircraft, you can remotely view the water surface through video.

The software automatically records the collection time and location.


This system controls the aircraft to reach the reserved water area through the control module, and then controls the winch to lower the pumping module to the reserved water depth position and start collecting water samples. When the set water volume is reached, it automatically stops working. The winch retracts the collection module, and the image transmission module can transfer the gimbal. The image captured by the camera is transmitted back to the phone screen in real time.

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The detection of fine particles adopts the most advanced laser scattering principle, and the minimum resolution particle size is 0.3μm, which has the characteristics of good stability and high precision.

CO, NO2, O3, and SO2 adopt the four-electrode electrochemical principle. Compared with the conventional three-electrode instrument, the four electrodes have an auxiliary electrode for compensating the zero current, which makes it have better response time and anti-interference ability. The resolution to the PPB level.

The VOCs gas monitoring uses the principle of photoionization (PID), and the minimum detection value for isobutylene is 1 ppb.

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