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Logo da marca Heisha em vermelho.  Heisha brand logo in red

HEISHA Technology was found in 2018, is a hi-tech company that focuses on the development and production of mansions for robots. HEISHA’s core business philosophy is to bring the value of technology to everyday life, and through continuous investment in research and innovation, to develop fine products that can truly improve human life.

As more and more robots are entering the era of autonomy, including drones, robot dogs, tracked robots, water robots, humanoid robots, etc. HEISHA focuses on becoming the world‘s leading one-stop solution provider in bot mansions.

Besides a whole set of drone charging pads and dock, HEISHA also provides flexible drone charging components, PCB board, charging canopy, or customize drone charging stations for your self-developed drone are all available.

IATEC Plant Solutions can share its extensive experience in the application of UAVs, drone operations stations, and help its customers to select, purchase and maintain the full range of HEISHA products.


DCap Pro is a vehicle-mounted drone docking system that is for industrial applications, which integrates the easy remote control of the drone with the flexible vehicle so to allow anyone to fly a drone anywhere.

It is placed above the car roof, it allows a drone to charge itself automatically after landing on the charging board. It can bring the charging function beyond, saving you the trouble of unpacking a drone, flying a drone easily with a PDA, charging protections, an intelligent air conditioning system (the Pro version), etc. 


Easy fly in your trip: Whenever you want to fly your drone, with one press of the button, the drone dock cover will be open, then you can fly the automatically powered drone with a remote controller. When the flight mission is complete, after the drone parking at the dock, you can recharge it remotely and get it ready for the next flight. This is HEISHA DCap, a vehicle-mounted drone docking system that features a cool structure, and thinner than ever.

Generally applicable: DCap can be deployed on any car model easily, simply plugging in the power cable to the connector of a car can get the power supply. Its thin structure ensures normal parking anywhere.

Safe charging shall: Overcharged protection, Overheating protection, Remotely turning on/off the drone, Real-time battery capacity reading,  over current protection and Working time display even power off. 

2s-14s LiPo battery all compatible: The most popular drones including DJI M30, Mini, Mavic, Air, Skydio, Autel, Fimi, and Parrot can all be compatible with the DCap car-mounted drone dock.

Intelligent control by a PDA: This PDA allows anyone to independently control the drone to fly and patrol his property due to the functions of preflight checking, returning to the charging dock, drone recharging, and other monitoring and maintenance work. You can check on the battery’s capacity, open or close the dock cover, and release or center the charging bars by the PDA.

Estação de Carregamento de Drone. Drone Dock. DCAP Pro. Charging Station


Weight: 70Kg

Closed size: 120cm x 95cm x 35 cm (L x W x H)

Input voltage: 24 VDC

Power: 120 W MAX

Working temperature: -20~55°C

IP rate: IP55

Contained drone: 1 drone

Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, glass fiber

Charging time: 40 minutes to fully charge Mavic3 from 0

Internet: 4G/5G

Sensors: Water level/ temperature and humidity inside the dock

Monitoring camera inside drone dock: Resolution ratio: 1920*1080P

Field of view (FOV): 150°

Extension ability: Protocol SDK Modbus

Lifespan: 5,000 hours

Charging protection: Anti-reverse, over-current, and overvoltage protection

Compatible drones: 2s-14s LiPo battery-powered drones. Such as DJI M30, M300, Mini, Mavic, Air, Skydio, Autel, Fimi, and Parrot


Tabela com as dimensões e tamanho DCAP. Table with dimensions and size.
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